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Sentencing Update

On Friday, September 7, hit-and-run driver Dexter Laron Glover Jr. and his accomplice Latisha Marie Glover (Thomas) were sentenced in Department 17 at Sacramento Superior Court.  Judge Anthony P. Arguellas determined that the actions of the defendants following the hit-and-run resulting in the the death of 15-year old Jamari Moore did not merit any jail or prison time.  Arguellas' judgement was made despite Sacramento County Probation Department's recommendation that Dexter and Latisha be sentenced to a three year state prison term and thirty-six months prison/jail time respectively.  The basis for Probation's recommendation was the heinous nature of the sophisticated plot and conspiracy to cover things up following the deadly crash. 


Arguellas gave Dexter Glover a suspended sentence of two years state prison which means if he stays out of trouble, he will never spend a day in jail.  Latisha Glover was ordered to do weekend work project or community service so that her lifestyle will not be affected. Both defendants admitted their guilt at a previous court date and although Latisha Glover issued an apology in court, Dexter Glover, the driver who hit and killed Jamari, never uttered a single word. 

While we are extremely disappointed that Judge Arguellas did not consider the value of Jamari's life or the enormity of our loss in sentencing, this injustice is fuel for our fire to effect change about the way people view hit-and-runs and continue our efforts to put an end to this heartbreaking epidemic.  Please join our email list if you would like to join us.

California leads the nation in the number of fatal hit-and-runs according to a 2018 AAA Safety Foundation report.  California's lenient hit-and-run laws may give drivers an incentive to flee the scene of a deadly crash.

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