Dexter Laron Glover Jr.

California's current hit-and-run laws should be dubbed "How to get away with murder" based on lenient laws and ridiculously short sentences. Drivers who flee the scene of a fatal crash & avoid DUI testing may spend as little as 90 days in jail, or less at a judges discretion - as in our case regarding defendants Dexter Laron Glover Jr., and Latisha Marie Glover, the hit-and-run drivers responsible for the death and cover-up of 15-year-old Jamari.  The pair was sentenced to probation/no jail or prison time by Judge James P. Arguellas in Sacramento Superior Court, although the probation department recommended a three year prison sentence due to their sophisticated conspiracy to cover up the crime after Jamari was killed.  Two weeks after the Glovers were allowed to walk free, another child in Sacramento was killed by a driver who dragged him for two blocks before running away. A driver who flees the scene of a crash resulting in death or serious injury of a a human being should not be rewarded for running away and failing to aid his or her victim.


The question of how or why a loved one was struck down and left to die is left to haunt the family of the victim. Whether a hit-and-run victim was actually at fault or totally innocent, the lack of a driver to identify and put a face to, interferes with the family's grieving process. A fatal crash is typically followed by anger, shock and many questions.  A regretful driver who rendered aid to the victim or a judicial sentence for a crime committed, will assist the family in the healing process. A driver who may not otherwise be at fault, turns a tragic accident into a crime by leaving the scene. This not only blocks the grieving process for the family, but also turns an otherwise innocent driver into a hunted criminal. Stopping to help the victim of a crash and reporting it immediately is not only the law - it's the right thing to do!

  • A driver with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.10 or greater is seven times more likely to be involved in a fatal motor vehicle crash than is a driver who has not consumed alcoholic beverages, and a driver with an alcohol concentration of 0.15 or greater is about 25 times more likely.  

  • Distracted Driving kills thousands of people in the U.S. each year. Over 1,000 per day are injured in crashes involving distracted drivers. Please join us in taking the pledge to JUST DRIVE! Distractions include texting, talking, eating, putting on lipstick...ANYTHING that takes your focus off the road.


​Top 10 Reason a Driver Might Hit-and-Run

  1. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI)  

  2. Distracted Driving (use of cell phone, texting while driving or other distracting behaviors that take a driver's eyes off the road)

  3. Breaking the law (stolen vehicle, street racing, fugitive status)

  4. Illegal status (unlicensed, uninsured)

  5. Aggressive driving (road rage)

  6. Age (youthful immaturity)

  7. Immorality (careless disregard for others, self preservation)

  8. Fear (fearful of consequences)

  9. Unaware (didn't realize they hit someone)

  10. Denial

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